Slum Rehabilitation

Before Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) found a prominent place with Corporate Houses, it was already distinctive component of the value systems of the Chhajer Family. The only difference is Mr. Bhanwarlal Chhajer (Chairman), Mahaavir Universal Homes Pvt. Ltd. believes in doing this silently without making much noise in the society. He believes that it is one’s obligation to do charity by giving away a share of profits for the betterment of the society. He is actively associated with organizations like JITO, Navi Mumbai & Shree Jin Kushal Shri Sevashram Trust, Barmer. With the revised Companies Act 2013, CSR has been made compulsory for the companies to put it into practice.

Mr. Omprakash Chhajer (Managing Director), Mahaavir Universal Homes Pvt. Ltd. believes that as a corporate firm it is our duty to uplift & create a responsible and civilized society. It must be the duty of every single human being to share his earnings with the downtrodden so that no one should be devoid of basic living.

Many people are forced to stay in shanty structures in unhygienic environment, not by choice but by compelling circumstances as they were thrown out of the formal housing sector, the latter being expensive and much beyond their income levels. Slums have constituted an integral part of Mumbai's cityscape for several decades. It is imperative to enhance their standard of living for which an authorized dwelling unit is the first step in the right direction. This, in turn, will bring about a marked improvement in their hygiene and health.

Our majority of CSR activities focus on the “Rehabilitation of Slums”, we have adopted a scheme for the same which is already implemented and comes under the jurisdiction of SRA (Slum Rehabilitation Authority). We are building 400 tenements for slum dwellers under the SRA Project in Chembur to bring slum dwellers into mainstream of social, cultural and economic fabric of this pulsating city.