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Company Overview

We at Mahaavir Universal Homes Pvt. Ltd. ensure that quality standards are met each and every time. Our focus has always been on superior execution to deliver excellence at all times. We make sure that quality of products, services, transparency & timely delivery meets the expectations as promised by us. We always perform quality checks at various levels of procurement and during construction stages of our projects.
It helps us in delivering what is committed at the time of interaction with prospective clients. We follow strong processes to manage and ensure uncompromising quality every time.

Each of the process is divided into various tasks and assigned to the engineers, architects, suppliers and project team, enabling them to ensure quality parameters are met and the final product delivered is according to the expectations of the customers.


Our vision is to deliver superior value through creating landmark projects created out of deep customer focus and insight in order to continue growing exponentially.


The roadmap as envisaged by our company begins with our mission, which guides us through the journey of keeping our core and moral values up at all times. There are some work ethics we always keep in mind while delivering services to our esteemed clients, which are as follows:

To provide modern and contemporary living spaces.

To create high living standards at competitive price.

To provide transparency in every business transaction.

To ensure customer delight at all times.

To innovate constantly with changing times.


Mr. Bhanwarlal V. Chhajer

Mahaavir Universal Homes Pvt. Ltd.

The founder of Mahaavir Universal Homes Pvt. Ltd., Mr. Chhajer has made the company what it is today. He has more than 45 years of experience riding on his shoulders. With strong dedication and a burning vision, he has made the company stand out among its peers. Perceptive and innovative in approach enveloped with core understanding, Mr. Chhajer gives prominence to every minuscule detail when it comes to Mahaavir Universal Homes.

Mr. Vijay Ranka

Mahaavir Universal Homes Pvt. Ltd.

His progressive journey spanned over 27 years from plastic manufacturing to the ready-made garments business before venturing into real estate development with Mahaavir Universal Homes. Enveloped with the speed of execution and expertise, Mr. Vijay has established a firm ground in the real estate space. A visionary and most practical leader in his approach, Mr. Vijay gives utmost prominence to the business work ethics when it comes to his internal stakeholders.

Mr. Sanjay Dhariwal

Mahaavir Universal Homes Pvt. Ltd.

Mr. Sanjay has 17 + years of experience in the real estate sector and is at the forefront of the business at Mahaavir Universal Homes. He is well-versed in every aspect of planning, construction, procurement, etc and leaves no stone unturned when it comes to the nature of the real estate business. Mr. Sanjay with his sharp vision has got an eye for detail and ensures that every project is executed to the highest standard of quality.

Chairman's Message

The global real estate market plays an important role in bringing change in the Indian market. The Indian real estate sector is among the fastest-growing in the world and is likely to emerge as one of the largest too. We at Mahaavir Universal Homes Pvt. Ltd. continuously create new-age architectural structures that are crafted to perfection with advanced innovations. We have been enriching and enhancing living standards of people since our inception.

I feel proud and honoured to have led the company to its present condition. Since the time of its establishment, we have been creating edifices that are bringing a wave of change in the residential and commercial property arena.

I strongly believe in commitment towards improvement & innovation and the power of professionalism & leveraging which would help in building a better tomorrow for us and for the ones who partner with us. A healthy and work friendly environment with strong processes and superior execution is the main growth factor behind the success of our organisation.

I on behalf of Mahaavir Universal Homes Pvt. Ltd. welcome everyone to be a part of our journey of success.



Mahaavir Universal Homes Pvt. Ltd., 302-306, Persipolis, Plot - 74, Sector - 17, Vashi, Navi Mumbai 400 703

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